Minority Enterprise & Educational Development, (MEED) has been designated as a Colorado 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  MEED positively impacts minority communities by providing educational opportunities, empowering minority businesses, recognizing business successes of minority ventures and giving voice to the power of collaboration through scholarships, training and celebration of the state's cultural diversity.

MED Week 
In the early years MEED was responsible for the planning an implementation of the whole week.  The MED Week Partners, made up of community organizations formed in the later years, and MEED and served as a Co-Chair of the organization and was responsible for the organizing the MED Week business awards luncheon.

For  29 years, MED Week, a week set aside, to honor successful minority entrepreneurs, was celebrated locally, regionally and nationally and was originally initiated by President Ronald Reagan in 1982.

HOPE Scholarship (Helping Other People Emerge)
For more than a decade, MEED has distributed over $750,000 in college scholarships to Colorado's minority youth. Each year, MEED awards HOPE Scholarships of $500 each to middle school students who have achieved academic excellence or shown significant improvement in their studies. As the student matures and succeeds, so does the scholarship award which has been deposited into an interest-bearing trust account until the student's high school graduation. The student can then apply the matured trust to his or her college of choice. 

The HOPE Scholarship Program has a partnership with the Community College of Denver. CCD awards up to 15 credit hours to the parents of the recipient.

MEED successfully kicked off the Denver Water Conservation Award in 2013 and was able to present  6 scholarships to deserving students. 

Backpack & School Supply Collection Program
The 'Stuff the Bus' Backpack & School Supply Program has been collecting backpacks and school supplies for the many homeless youth that attend Denver Public Schools.  For 16 years, MEED, along with its many partners, has been able help our youth by providing the necessary supplies to do well in school. In 2018 MEED collected 1,467 backpacks filled with supplies for our wonderful students. Check out the 'Backpack Drive' tab to see a list of the donors for 2018.

About Us

Designated Colorado 501(c)3 organization

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