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Minority Enterprise & Educational Development (MEED) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to positively impact Colorado's minority communities by providing educational opportunities, empowering minority businesses, recognizing business successes of minority ventures and giving voice to the power of collaboration through scholarships, training and celebration of the states cultural diversity.

MEED began in 1984 with a group of volunteers that were responsible for organizing the Minority Enterprise Develpment (MED) Week for the State of Colorado.  This week was designated by President Ronald Reagan to honor the many successful minority enterpreneurs in our country.  In 1998, the volunteers started a scholarship program for high school students in the Denver Public School System, giving $1,000 scholarships every year to high school seniors.  In 1996 the group felt that it needed to formalize to be a stand alone entity and applied for non-profit status.  MEED was granted this status in 1997.  During this same time, the Helping Other People Emerge (HOPE) Scholarship was implemented and the focus of the scholarships changed from high school to middle school students.  Since then, MEED has distributed over $575,000 in scholarships to minority youth throughout Colorado.
MEED is proud to be a member of CommunityShares and to participate in its Workplace Giving Initiatives.
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"Impacting Disadvantaged Students & Minority Businesses for Success"
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Join Our Mailing List
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New Partnership!
Fundraising with FanTree!

Minority Enterprise & Educational Development  (MEED) has joined up with FanTree. Please see the information
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For every purchase of a Kenneth Faried backpack on FanTree, $10 will be donated to MEED. 
Please join us and help provide the leaders of tomorrow with the supplies they need today.

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Coming Soon!
3on3 Basketball Tournament
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On Going!
Backpack Drive
We are in our 12th year of running this worthwhile project.
We collect backpacks and school supplies all year. 

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On Going!
Fundraising with Women's Bean Project!
35% OF ALL Sales Benefit
Gourmet Food, Handmade Jewelry, Gift Baskets & Bundles
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